[Guest Post] Nobody wants to see your sex trophy before breakfast – Hayley Chappell

“Would you all please stop! I don’t care anymore.” I recently muttered these exact words at my phone one morning while absent-mindedly scrolling through Instagram instead of getting up. You see, it appears that whenever I open Instagram, check Facebook, pull up Twitter or even get round to pinning something on my (admittedly neglected) Pinterest, […]


[Guest Post] Anne Boleyn: “Loved not a little” – Lily Fox

Time marches on. Even ten, twenty years ago seems an inexplicably long time away, an ancient era before Whatsapp, Harry Potter, selfies and One Direction. The Tudor period is practically another world, a fantasy time of knights and castles that belongs more to a Game of Thrones episode than real life. A lot of things […]

[Guest Post] Project 365 – Lily Fox

This is Kiri. He’s a Bisharp. He has a fairly normal life, insofar as plush Pokemon go, but for reasons best known to no-one, his Mun has decided to document his day to day misadventures on Instagram for the sake of posterity in a piece of photographic madness known to the world as Project 365. […]

[Guest Post] A very British thank you – Lily Fox

Dear German tourists: As a Brit, I am polite. It’s practically the national pastime. And as such, we are all far too polite to intervene in any way when something harmlessly awkward but secondhandedly embarrassing occurs in public. Not a proper drama – we’re OK with those – just something a little…well, not done. We […]

[Guest Post] Ich bin ein Frankfurter – Hayley Chappell

So I’ve been promising Miss Lawless a guest blog for some time now (at least 6 months?!) but I just never quite got round to it. What’s my excuse? Honestly, I’m not sure that I have one. Life, work and trying to master being a grown up in a foreign country all played their part […]

[Guest Post] What Will Remain of Us Is Love – Lily Fox

  …quoth Larkin in an uncharacteristically positive poem. All flesh is grass, quoth Carol Ann Duffy, paraphrasing from the Bible of all things. More recently, JK Rowling summed up this entire post in the following line: “I’ve got two daughters who will have to make their way in this skinny-obsessed world, and it worries me, […]

[Guest Post] Waiting is so very hard to do: Serial Pressure – Lily Fox

  Let’s face it – if you have had anything to do with a recent fandom, you’ve probably been there. Queuing in the rain, most likely with an unwilling parent, watching harried booksellers unpack boxes of the latest Twilight…the latest Harry Potter…the latest Song of Ice and Fire. Perhaps. Because I’m sure George RR Martin […]

[Guest Post] Rediscovering My Artistic Side – Lily Fox

  Back in the day, my artistic endeavours also used to focus upon writing, until one day I happened to be sketching a character on my lunch break from my Actual Job. Over came a colleague who looked over my shoulder at it. The next thing I know she’s come back from lunch with a […]