Moved by pity

Recently, most excellent Tudor Historian and joint chief curator for Historic Royal Palaces, Tracy Borman, was pottering in the National Archives, reviewing the Anne Boleyn trial documents before her new Channel 5 documentary on the subject (life goals or what) when an archivist brought her attention to something he’d uncovered in a warrant book. Tudor […]

THE KING & I: Forgotten Royal Women

Great women are hidden behind great men, or so they say, and no man is greater than the king. For centuries, royal aunts, cousins, sisters and mothers have watched history unfold from the shadows, their battlefields the bedchamber or the birthing room, their often short lives remembered only through the lens of others. But for […]

Best reads of 2016

JANUARY I always hope that I’m going to start the year with a couple of strong books, particularly as I never seem to get as much reading done as I’d like to over the preceding Christmas period. Well, January 2016 was certainly no disappointment; looking back I loved pretty much every book I read that […]

Monthly Chat: October 2016

  What I did So after a pretty non-stop September, I spent most of October suffering under a lingering cold. Feel free to skip this month – it wasn’t particularly exciting! Particularly as I missioned through Sober October (helpfully, feeling dreadful with that headcold helped, as the last thing I wanted was wine). Back in […]