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UK4A9482You’d probably like me; I’m quite nice.

I’m a recovering Londoner, living in rainy England with my husband, who knows to buy books instead of flowers. I’m a reader, writer, amateur historian, shoes-I-will-never-wear buyer and epic drunk dancer.

In February 2013 I released my first full length novel, Little White Lies, which was picked up by HarperCollins’ award-winning romance imprint Harper Impulse and improved and re-published as The Best Thing I Never Had on 5th December 2013. Since then, The Best Thing I Never Had has been bestselling on multiple digital book platforms around the world. The paperback was released in April 2014.

My second full length novel for Harper Impulse, Somewhere Only We Knowwas released summer 2015 and hit the romcom bestseller charts.

During 2016 I am releasing a novel in four parts, Bridesmaids: one bride, four bridesmaids, from proposal to altar. In March 2017 the novellas will be released as one novel, The One With All The Bridesmaids.

I also love to write short stories and flash fiction; you’ll find many presented for free here and on other websites, or you can pick up my award-winning short story anthology The Last Train Home & Other Stories for under a pound over on Amazon.

When I’m not writing contemporary romcoms, I’m really passionate about the story aspect of history, and relish discovering new tidbits and anecdotes, or researching the life and times of forgotten women. This interest has led to my on-going blog award-winning series on Hidden Historical Heroines, bite-sized biographies on women from British history that I feel are perhaps not as popular as some of their sisters. No sources or footnotes here, I am a story-teller, not a historian (although half of my Joint Honours undergraduate degree is in Classical Studies, so at least that’s something…) and my history posts are intended to entertain, and to inspire you to take that interest forward.

BREAKING NEWS! My Hidden Historical Heroines series has been optioned by publisher Pen & Sword Books, so do look out for my first non-fiction offering The King And I: Forgotten Royal Women, coming in 2018.

I’m absolutely all over the place on social media and love to chat – below are some of the ways you can interact with me online:


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