Best reads of 2018

JANUARY It was one of the smash hits of the year, and deservedly so – one of the funniest books I read all year I read right at the start: Zara Stonely’s The Wedding Date. I wanted to be besties with protagonist Samantha because she – and the whole book – were refreshingly delightful and […]


Best reads of 2016

JANUARY I always hope that I’m going to start the year with a couple of strong books, particularly as I never seem to get as much reading done as I’d like to over the preceding Christmas period. Well, January 2016 was certainly no disappointment; looking back I loved pretty much every book I read that […]

Best reads of 2015

JANUARY I went into 2015 knowing (hoping!) it was going to be the year I finally got on the property ladder and therefore needed to save money for paint/furniture/fees/MORTGAGE. No more out-of-control book buying for me! Fie on you, one-click purchase/deliver straight to Kindle! I was going to behave. And I started well, as the […]

Best reads of 2014

JANUARY I started 2014 braced for a slow reading year, knowing that I should be devoting the majority of my time to wedding planning or finishing off the writing of my second Harper Impulse book. So it’s lovely that the first book to really wow me this year was a fellow Harper Impulse author, Carmel […]

Best reads of 2013

JANUARY Around this time last year I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t read my first read of 2013 – Every Day by David Levithan – just one book earlier so that I could have waxed lyrical about it as my favourite read of December 2012. How time flies! Every Day follows the character ‘A’ who […]

A-Z Book Survey

Author You’ve Read The Most Books Of: Elizabeth Chadwick  And it’s down to a combination of me absolutely loving every book she’s ever written and her having a prodigious output – she takes up an entire shelf on my bookcase. Best Sequel Ever: I preferred Catching Fire to both The Hunger Games and Mockingjay; I’m really excited to […]