Little White Lies: Supporting Cast

T H E N______________________ Andrew; friend of Adam (and Harriet’s) from their course. Studies English. Callahan; a professor teaching in the English Department; Adam’s tutor and dissertation supervisor. Dan; friend of Adam from First Year halls, friend of Sukie’s from their course. Studies Drama. Lauren; Adam’s girlfriend from back home. Lucy; friend of Harriet (and […]

Little White Lies: Leigha

She’d always felt safe with Harriet. Boys came and went, they all knew that; Johnny, Adam, even Miles, all transitory. Other girls tended to get the wrong impression of her, to throw around those ageless slurs: bitch, slut. If she chatted casually to their boyfriends at parties, they’d always come up with a reason to […]

Little White Lies: Miles

  She’d pulled back her hair to air her neck, just for one second, fanning her flushed cheeks by flapping her other hand. She’d smiled at him and pulled a face at how hot and stuffy the bar was. Miles had thought she was beautiful, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and if you’d […]

Little White Lies: Harriet

But all she could think about – in those precious few minutes before someone would come up and force her downstairs – was last week’s, Shakespeare: Stage and Screen seminar. David Tennant was suitably becrowned, fretting and strutting his stuff upon the stage, projected on the wallscreen in front of the class and drawing everyone’s […]

Little White Lies: Johnny

  He could picture it. Leigha and Harriet in a cute little flat, he and Adam living only a couple of tube stops away. Things would be more or less the same as now, better even: him and Adam over at the girls’ all the time, slobbing on the couches, eating takeaway and watching films, […]

Little White Lies: Sukie

 “Take the first decently paid job that comes my way and try and get whatever fun I can out of life.” “Nobody gets out of it alive,” Sukie agreed sagely, waving her arm to encompass the field of mouldering bones behind them. “I’d like to fall in love,” she informed him, matter-of-factly. “That’s all. You […]

Little White Lies: Adam

    “Yeah right,” Adam teased back. “We both know you’re going to end up writing my dissertation for me.” He popped the twist of a chip into his mouth and gave one of what he thought was his most winning smiles, the kind that always made Harriet smile back; she did.       […]