“Say yes to the dress!”

The full cover for the second novella in the BRIDESMAIDS series has been revealed! The One With The Wedding Dress is the second in a series of four novellas following one bride and her four bridesmaids from proposal to altar, following The One With The Engagement Party. The One With The Hen Weekend and The One With The White […]


“Will you marry me?”

The full cover for the first novella in the BRIDESMAIDS series is being revealed tomorrow! Head on over to Rachel’s Random Reads, This Chick Reads, or Sparkly Word (or why not all three!) the afternoon of Saturday 16th April to see more..! The One With The Engagement Party is the first in a series of four […]

Literary readings for weddings

This isn’t as self-indulgent a post as it looks, I promise. I’ve had loads of Tweets etc asking me what readings I’d picked for my secular wedding back in September, before and since. The reading-picking process was simultaneously one of the most fun and most stressful parts of wedding planning! And I ended up using […]