Best reads of 2017

JANUARY I started 2017 with determination. I was four and a half months pregnant and had been absolutely sick as a dog since day one. Reading had taken a serious back seat – and no doubt would be right out of the car once Miniature Meakin made their appearance in May. I started off with […]


Best reads of 2016

JANUARY I always hope that I’m going to start the year with a couple of strong books, particularly as I never seem to get as much reading done as I’d like to over the preceding Christmas period. Well, January 2016 was certainly no disappointment; looking back I loved pretty much every book I read that […]

Monthly Chat: October 2016

  What I did So after a pretty non-stop September, I spent most of October suffering under a lingering cold. Feel free to skip this month – it wasn’t particularly exciting! Particularly as I missioned through Sober October (helpfully, feeling dreadful with that headcold helped, as the last thing I wanted was wine). Back in […]

Being NYCliché – 4 Days in the Big Apple

I’ve received so many tweets and messages asking me to put together a blog post with my New York itinerary, as I managed to pack quite a lot into four days! So, without further ado, here’s my guide to a whistlestop 100 hours in NYC! You can see my accompanying photo album here. Before you […]

The Best Thing I Never Had: The Official Soundtrack

Track 01 The White Stripes – We Are Gonna Be Friends We don’t notice any time pass | We don’t notice anything | We sit side by side in every class Track 02 Matchbox 20 – She’s So Mean I know a girl, she gets what she wants all the time | Cos she’s fine | But […]