THE KING & I: Forgotten Royal Women

Great women are hidden behind great men, or so they say, and no man is greater than the king. For centuries, royal aunts, cousins, sisters and mothers have watched history unfold from the shadows, their battlefields the bedchamber or the birthing room, their often short lives remembered only through the lens of others.

But for those who want to hear them, great stories are still there to be told: the medieval princess who was kidnapped by pirates; the duchess found guilty of procuring love potions; the queen who was imprisoned in a castle for decades.

This collection of bite-sized biographies lifts thirty of these royal women out of the footnotes of their family histories and brings them centre-stage, out of the shadows. It tells fascinating, forgotten tales and shines some much needed light into the darkened corners of women’s history.

With her trade mark humour and just a smidge of irreverence, Erin Lawless gives the bite-size biography a modern and accessible flavour. 


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