“The Best Thing I Never Had” bumper giveaway!

Happy March, everyone! For many, March means the advent of spring. For us Brits, March means snow. But let’s all keep calm and carry on and all that. March 2014 marks both the three month anniversary of THE BEST THING I NEVER HAD being released as an ebook and also is the month where you […]


[Guest Post] Project 365 – Lily Fox

This is Kiri. He’s a Bisharp. He has a fairly normal life, insofar as plush Pokemon go, but for reasons best known to no-one, his Mun has decided to document his day to day misadventures on Instagram for the sake of posterity in a piece of photographic madness known to the world as Project 365. […]

The Last Train Home

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Or, if you prefer, “Galentine’s Day!” So whether you are celebrating romance or friendship this February 14th, a treat for you: a story featuring both. The signature story from my award-winning short fiction anthology The Last Train Home & Other Stories. I hope you enjoy!   Hindsight proves that leaving the car at […]

Sassy Disney Valentines

Originally posted on Jelly-Side Up:
Hello, dear readers! Are you feeling the love yet, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching? No? Maybe these valentines will be more to your taste. Below, please enjoy 31 valentines that will tickle your funny bone more than touch your heart. Brutally Honest Disney Valentine’s Day Cards By: Oh My Disney…