Recap: November 2013

I do like November. Pretty leaf-fall, frosty nights, fireworks and bonfires and – once that’s all over, the guilt-free lead up to Christmas! My tree and decorations are going up today, Sunday 1st December. My best friend is getting married next weekend and I’m super, super excited!! I’m still concentrating a lot on writing – […]

Recap: October 2013

I am toe-deep in my second contemporary romance for HarperImpulse – my Indefinite Leave to Remain – and will be for the foreseeable future! I can’t help but sneak away to do a blog post now and then though..! A small selection this month, but I’m sure there’s something interesting you might have missed! A very […]

Recap: September 2013

As August slipped over into September, I was getting engaged!! Needless to say, I spent most of the month on Pinterest looking at huge wedding cakes, and even huger wedding dresses. Oh, yes, I was also rather busy readying Little White Lies for formal publication! So another unfortunately quiet month here on the blog, but there […]

Recap: July 2013

In July I lost my status as a snooty, unfriendly Londoner – at least geographically speaking. I moved house across the country in the blazing, extremely un-English heat and now I am a lady of leisure, trying my best to get as much of Perseverance finished before financial necessity means I have to get a […]

Recap: June 2013

Nope, it’s still not summer. I thought I felt a little warm the other day, but I think I was just flushed from getting a headcold… Jane Lane: #28 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series, the Restoration superstar without whom Britain may not have a monarchy today. Bacon and the chicken: The death of Francis […]

Recap: May 2013

Spring finally sprung here in London in May. It lasted about four days. Then the heating went back on. Here’s a handy recap in case you missed anything you might find interesting..! May 1536 was the month of Anne Boleyn’s incarceration, trial and beheading, so forgive the amount of Boleyncentric posts!! Shakespeare and his two wives: […]

Recap: April 2013

From murder mysteries to erasing the Norman Conquest out of history, quite a lot went on round here last month! Here’s a handy recap in case you missed anything you might find interesting..! The Brixton Water Lane murder: Unsolved Victorian Murder Mystery. The White Queen: The real story of Elizabeth Woodville. Little White Lies International […]