Monthly Chat: November 2016



What I did

So now it’s out in the open I can preface my monthly catch up with the context that one is up le duff, and has been so since early September. One has also been incredibly, incredibly ill (I won’t bore you with the details), and it’s been incredibly hard keeping it secret. Retching in the bread aisle at the supermarket, contemplating throwing up in my wastepaper bin at work, falling asleep when I sat down to take my boots off – none of this particularly lent itself to subtlety.

And my last test was to get through a wedding without arousing any suspicions with my uncharacteristically sober behaviour. I managed to get away with it apparently, partly by befriending a barman who snuck me sparkling apple juice in champagne flutes and by forcing my husband to chug the drink I was carrying around each time my friends’ backs were turned.

Luckily I didn’t have to carry on the charade for my mini-break to Amsterdam, although I did feel quite sad not being able to enjoy a cold Pilsner on the canal with my friends. Whistlestop it might have been, but we managed to fit in Anne Frank’s House (roomier than anticipated), the Van Gogh Museum (he was a bit of a pillock), and a canal boat tour. We managed to see (if not sample) the delights of the Red Light District and enjoyed the most obscene pancakes I have ever seen. I would definitely recommend Amsterdam as a Euro mini-break destination, even if you’re not particularly interested in the special brownies or state regulated sex trade.

I won’t linger on this catch up – I am so behind in my own life right now after weeks upon weeks of feeling so rotten – and now December is now upon us there’s probably a million Christmas admin bits I should be doing! Next time we catch up it will be 2017 (!) – so hope you have an amazing festive season; see you on the other side!


What I read

The Impostor Queen, Sarah Fine (☆☆☆)
Kill The Boyband, Goldy Moldavsky (☆☆☆)
The Rough Guide To Amsterdam (☆☆☆)
Ransom, David Malouf (☆☆☆)


What I wrote


I’ve been scene blocking The One With The White Wedding, which I know is super, super late. My general uselessness throughout October and November is also shown through the absolute lack of reading that happened too. Going to play that first trimester of pregnancy card and beg patience and forgiveness! It will be worth the wait.


What I listened to

Top tracks on my Spotify this month

  • Todd Carey, Nintendo
  • Neon Trees, Animal
  • NAO, Bad Blood

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