The bride wore white

It’s often said that Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding dress, and therefore the origin of our modern tradition. Whilst it’s true that brides did wear coloured wedding dresses before 1840, they also continued to wear them long after. Traditionally you just wore your ‘best dress’ – and the colour didn’t […]


Three queens in mourning

This iconic image shows three Queens of England together, united in grief at the funeral of their son, husband and father – George VI – who had died at the young age of 56 only nine days earlier, February 6th 1952. The stammering King-Emperor had reigned for fifteen years and had grown to be popular; […]

The Jersey Lily

Today is the birthday of Lillie Langtry (or to give her her true name, Emilie Charlotte Le Breton), a music hall star who charmed her way into the beds of earls and princes. A Jersey girl, Lillie was introduced to London society by her Irish landowner husband, Edward Langtry. She soon became a star, famed […]

The original Queen of Hearts

The deck of cards was probably introduced to England in the late 14th century, immediately rivalling the popularity of old games of chance like dice. Whilst playing cards were absolutely nothing new – the ancient Egyptians used to play them – the standardised ‘suits’ of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs that we’d recognise today was adopted […]

TEN… of the best Disney swag on Etsy

Charming Charms UK have an assortment of costume jewellery, including the ‘Belle’ ring pictured, which I simply HAD to treat myself to. Wincosplay has this absolutely epic Meridia wig, which I wish I had the balls to buy and wear on a daily basis. PrettyMagicalGirl has a selection of gorgeous shoes appliqued with images of Disney […]

[Guest Post] A very British thank you – Lily Fox

Dear German tourists: As a Brit, I am polite. It’s practically the national pastime. And as such, we are all far too polite to intervene in any way when something harmlessly awkward but secondhandedly embarrassing occurs in public. Not a proper drama – we’re OK with those – just something a little…well, not done. We […]

Recap: September 2013

As August slipped over into September, I was getting engaged!! Needless to say, I spent most of the month on Pinterest looking at huge wedding cakes, and even huger wedding dresses. Oh, yes, I was also rather busy readying Little White Lies for formal publication! So another unfortunately quiet month here on the blog, but there […]