Little White Lies: Supporting Cast

T H E N______________________

Andrew; friend of Adam (and Harriet’s) from their course. Studies English.

Callahan; a professor teaching in the English Department; Adam’s tutor and dissertation supervisor.

Dan; friend of Adam from First Year halls, friend of Sukie’s from their course. Studies Drama.

Lauren; Adam’s girlfriend from back home.

Lucy; friend of Harriet (and Adam’s) from their course. Studies English.

Sasha; coursemate of Leigha. Studies Sociology.

Seth; old school friend of Harriet, Sukie and Leigha. Ex-boyfriend to Harriet. Studies Economics.
N O W______________________

Annie; best friend to Harriet, elder sister to Iona. Works as a head-chef.

Demetrios (Demi); met Sukie in the local library and fell into a physical relationship with her. Studying Law with the Open University. Live-in boyfriend to Rob.

Iona; girlfriend to Johnny (her best friend is his PA); younger sister to Annie. Studying Fine Art & History of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Miyumi & Momoko Watanabe; Sukie’s younger sisters, aged 17 and 15 respectively.

Rob; Demi’s boyfriend. Works in the city.

Roderick McCorley (Roddy); currently dating Leigha. Works in hedge funds and investments.



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