Little White Lies: Leigha

She’d always felt safe with Harriet. Boys came and went, they all knew that; Johnny, Adam, even Miles, all transitory. Other girls tended to get the wrong impression of her, to throw around those ageless slurs: bitch, slut. If she chatted casually to their boyfriends at parties, they’d always come up with a reason to call him away. Sukie was volatile by nature, Nicky hadn’t known her for very long. Harriet was her one real constant. The metaphorical stab in the back ached at her like a physical injury.


V I T A L S T A T S______________


Leigha is many contrasting things, and that excites people. She’s velvet and concrete and bubbles and grit and smiles and pouts. She lives life to its fullest, wringing every last minute and laugh out of every day. You want to be in with her, and she knows it. And if you are, Leigha is a very, very good friend to have. She can make you, or break you. Try and stay on the right side of her.

T H E N______________________

Leigha won’t ever take her looks for granted. She was a bit of an ugly duckling until Sixth Form so she’ll never forget the confidence that comes with being able to toss a mane of glossy hair or stand in just the right way to emphasise a perfect cleavage. Suddenly people want to know what she thinks, what she has to say. Suddenly all the boys are adding her to their MSN. Suddenly Leigha finds herself Queen Bee, and she likes it a lot.

So, at university, things only get better. Leigha’s one of those faces, everyone on campus knows her name. You’re never quite sure whether or not she’s slept with your boyfriend or not. Leigha long-since decided, since she couldn’t have the man she truly wants, she’ll just have every other man who takes her fancy, but she’s not sure who she’s punishing, him, or herself.

‘He’ is Seth, an old school mate; she’s loved him since they were kids together. Too bad that back in school he picked Harriet, who eventually just broke his heart and nowadays he can’t even bear to be Leigha’s friend.

Then Adam comes into her life; he’s very agreeable. Gorgeous and just the right sort of arrogant, perhaps he’s a guy worth calming it all down for.

But here it comes, that familiar kick to the gut: Adam doesn’t want her – he wants Harriet instead. Why do they always prefer Harriet..?

N O W______________________

Leigha’s done well for herself – as expected. She’s gotten on the property ladder, has just been promoted at work, her Blackberry calendar is jam-packed with social engagements; her hair is even glossier, her decolletage even more pronounced. So what if she doesn’t eat as much as she should, or drinks a little too much? That’s part of the lifestyle.

So, armoured by her success, her impressive, banker date and the several bottles of champagne she intends to consume, Leigha is perversely looking forward to this wedding. She will hold court once again. Johnny, her ex, will take up his traditional position as doormat. Harriet will appear wan and bedraggled, shunned by the rest of the group at Leigha’s lead.

And maybe Adam will take her in with the hunger in his eyes that she always held out hope that she’d see…



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