Little White Lies: Sukie


 “Take the first decently paid job that comes my way and try and get whatever fun I can out of life.”

“Nobody gets out of it alive,” Sukie agreed sagely, waving her arm to encompass the field of mouldering bones behind them. “I’d like to fall in love,” she informed him, matter-of-factly. “That’s all. You ever been in love?” Adam screwed up his face. “Apparently it’s wonderful. Apparently it makes you feel high.” She laughed, taking another deep drag. “All the time. That would be nice.”


V I T A L  S T A T S______________


Sukie will surprise you; in fact, she’ll go out of her way to make sure that she does. Follow her father into business? Sod that. Drama degree. Act the lady at all times, like her mother? Pstch. Lots of black, knee-high boots, just this side of too-much makeup, plenty of fags please and don’t forget to swear all the fucking time.


T H E N____________________

Coming as she does from a rather strait-laced, traditional family, Sukie uses university as permission to run a tad wild. There’s a little part of her that can’t forget that the trade-off for her father financing her Drama & Theatre Studies degree will be that, when it’s over, she’s going to have to toe the line.

But in reality, Sukie is more like her old-fashioned father than she realises. She sees things in black and white, and tends to ignore the complicated shades of grey. You’re either with her, or against her; you’re a friend, or you’re an enemy.

So when a friend becomes the enemy of another friend – right when her carefully balanced life has been knocked off course – Sukie has no choice but to pay attention to the greyer parts of life…

N O W___________________

Lying in bed, tangled up with her ‘friend-with-benefits’ Demi, Sukie can hardly believe that she’s leading the life she is. Did she break free of her father’s yoke, become a writer, like she’s always dreamed? Nope. So has she followed her father into business, allowed herself to be set up with a suitable (and suitably Japanese) eligible bachelor? Not that either. She’s a housewife to her father, a stay-at-home mother to her sisters, the secret lover of a man who’s in a relationship with another man. She’s so many different Sukies now, she can’t quite keep track of which one is the real one.

She quite liked university-Sukie; perhaps she was the real one? So Nicky and Miles’ wedding – back on campus with all the old faces – should be quite good. But Demi wants to be her plus one, always wants more, more, more, pushing for things she doesn’t even have in her to give. And at the end of the day, she slips out of his bed and his boyfriend slips in.

Even if she could escape her father’s inevitable disapproval, escape the life she’s somehow fallen into, how by any stretch of the imagination, is all this a basis for anything real..?



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