Little White Lies: Johnny



He could picture it. Leigha and Harriet in a cute little flat, he and Adam living only a couple of tube stops away. Things would be more or less the same as now, better even: him and Adam over at the girls’ all the time, slobbing on the couches, eating takeaway and watching films, each with their arms around their respective girlfriend. In that split second, it just seemed so fucking achievable…  And then the sentence was out before he even realised he was talking.



V I T A L S T A T S______________


Johnny has plans, big plans. The eldest child of a broken family, he is eager to start his career, meet Mrs Right and make some baby Rights. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? People have managed it for generations, after all. And after all, Johnny’s quite a catch – athletic, intelligent, and a great mate.


T H E N______________________

Johnny’s plodding along just fine at university – gets reasonable grades, had a couple of short term relationships, has a good set of friends. Leigha’s like a thunderbolt or a punch to the gut, splitting his life cleanly into ‘Before Leigha’ and ‘After Leigha’. She’s perfect. He needs to make her his Mrs Right.

But Leigha, he quickly realises, is his polar opposite. She can’t bear the idea of being tied down to one person; he has to respect that and be content with adoring her from afar. He’s okay with that. But it’s not so easy to stomach when Leigha decides she’d quite like a boyfriend after all, and Adam is at the top of the list, whilst Johnny doesn’t even feature on it…


N O W______________________

Johnny has it made; so made – in fact – that he invokes jealousy. He somehow (he can’t quite work out how) landed his dream job as a television sports journalist. He makes good money, has a great flat, even gets recognised in the street, gets bumped up past the queue for clubs – that sort of thing. He’s even stepping out with the best friend of his PA – a nineteen year old bit of nothing that looks great on his arm – that she bears more than a passing resemblance to Leigha is an added bonus.

Even though it’s been five years – and even though she treated him unbearably, in the end – Johnny can’t quite seem to shake the feeling that if he just had Leigha, his enviable life would be truly complete. Nothing but having her could ever be the measure of his success.

So that’s why he’s headed to the wedding hopeful. Surely, half-a-decade has made her more reasonable. Surely, the intrinsic romance of a wedding will make her more indulgent? Surely, he wouldn’t still feel this way, if it wasn’t meant to be…?



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