‘The Last Train Home & Other Stories’ Launch Night, 12th September 2012



When myself and my agent – Hannah of Not Just a Face Media – sat down to plan out the launch night for The Last Train Home & Other Stories, Wednesday 12th September seemed like a very long time away…


I was absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of both friends and strangers – the former in helping me organise and set-up everything; the latter – in the case of the host venue, Clapham Books, the photographer and my front cover/promotional material designer – giving their time and expertise pro bono.


Also overwhelming was the turn out, considering it was a rather squally, miserable, mid-week night in South West London. Several guests traveled from far afield – one attendee came all the way from Frankfurt in Germany, and I think wins the prize for miles covered hands down. I got to meet so many new people, catch-up with others I haven’t gotten to see for years. The only downside was that there were in fact so many people, I barely got to speak to any of them!


I managed to get through my speech and read two of the stories from the collection aloud without a single stumble! Then on to the Q&A session. My biggest fear was that nobody would ask me anything, so this was the part I was dreading! As it turned out, there was no shortage of questions, mostly about The Last Train Home & Other Stories – as is only proper! – but  also got to talk about my upcoming novel as well. Check back soon for a transcript of the Q&A session.


After a little more networking and wine drinking (which at this point I was thankfully able to participate in!) it was time for the after-party at The Bellevue, Clapham Common, for we hardy few, uncaring that it was a ‘school night’! Not to be a gossip, but there was an after-after-party as well, with some guests not getting to their beds until the wee hours.


Sadly, I couldn’t attend my own book launch after-after-party. I had to go back to the day job on Thursday morning..! I’m looking forward to the day when Penguin Publishing or one of its contemporaries comes a-knocking, and all this IS my day job…!




My dress is from Oasis’ Limited Edition range, ‘London Love Letters’.

Click here for Not Just a Face Media’s photo album of the event.



In celebration of the resounding success of The Last Train Home‘s Launch Night, I am extending the time period for my one third off promotion. Click here for more details!


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