I love Clapham Books!



Being a “south-of-the-river” gal, I’ve probably spent more money and time in Clapham Books than I should have. Independent bookshops are getting rarer and rarer – especially on London High Streets – but how can clicking idly on Amazon compare to the material experience of a handpicked selection of literary gems? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone, “ooh, I’m just going to take a quick look in Clapham Books,” to my boyfriend, only for him to come in to fetch me half an hour later when I’ve gotten distracted reading book blurbs and mentally arguing/agreeing with whoever did the stock choosing.


Basically I’m chuffed to bits that Clapham Books will be the venue for the launch night of The Last Train Home on September 12th; I couldn’t think of a better setting. Not only will guests be allowed to purchase books at leisure during the networking part of the evening, but Clapham Books will be offering a stupendous 10% off!!


Here’s a list of some of my recommendations (more recent releases). Anyone buying Fifty Shades of Grey or any of its progeny will be summarily ejected from the venue.








120 Clapham High Street
London, SW4 7UH
020 7627 2797



One thought on “I love Clapham Books!

  1. Thank you! That’s very good to hear, and on a quiet day like today (where is everyone??) makes all the difference! The stock choosing is a collective effort between the five of us – ones you agree with are me, ones you argue with are my colleagues…

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