The Hammersmith Ghost

  As the year 1803 came to a close, a number of people came forward to claim that they had seen – and in some instances, been attacked – by a ghost in the area around Hammersmith churchyard, in West London. Some claimed it was the unhappy spirit of a local man who had committed […]

‘The Last Train Home & Other Stories’ Launch Night, 12th September 2012

    When myself and my agent – Hannah of Not Just a Face Media – sat down to plan out the launch night for The Last Train Home & Other Stories, Wednesday 12th September seemed like a very long time away…   I was absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of both friends and strangers – the […]

I love Clapham Books!

      Being a “south-of-the-river” gal, I’ve probably spent more money and time in Clapham Books than I should have. Independent bookshops are getting rarer and rarer – especially on London High Streets – but how can clicking idly on Amazon compare to the material experience of a handpicked selection of literary gems? I’ve […]

Powder Keg Diplomacy

  147 St John’s Hill, SW11 1TQ || 0207 450 6457 || ||       I’d often gone past Powder Keg Diplomacy on the bus, noting the great name and that it always seemed to be full of happy customers, so when I came to research for a night out in Clapham […]