Results Day

Congratulations to everyone receiving their A Level results today and finding out what the next big adventure is. Ten years ago today for me!
To celebrate, here’s a tiny little piece of Little White Lies that hit the cutting room floor when it became The Best Thing I Never Had; it’s the original prologue, where Harriet, Sukie and Leigha are getting that big news themselves…


 August 2004

 The three girls had colluded, of course. They’d sworn up and down that they hadn’t, that it must simply be meant to be; and they’d liked that – felt important – that they were the sort of people that good things happen to.

Over the course of a few, quick months the seemingly infinite list of potential Universities had shrunk to fifteen, to six, to two – a first and a second choice – and mysteriously identical UCAS application forms for all three of them. The sharp brightness of early summer turned into the honey orange afternoons of August, the days growing out to their full length and starting to contract again.

Then, suddenly, the stream of pupils had arrived, off buses, out of parents’ cars, nodding at classmates of seven years’ standing with tight lips. The envelopes were spread out on foldaway tables in the canteen. Someone had been brave enough to go first, hooking their finger and tearing the flap of the envelope and the room had filled with the sound of ripping.

The girls had begun to hug, the boys to push on one another’s shoulders, grins of relief on every face, and the rectangles of paper clutched by each were a wide, white cloud of surrender and goodbye.

The three girls had stood pressed as close together as they could get, arms around one another’s backs, each results paper crinkled between fist and spine. Their gamble had paid off and the letters of their grades had sung off the pages like applause.

And the footnote underneath them, best of all: Accepted to first choice institute, accepted to first choice institute, accepted to first choice institute…


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