Free! “The Making of Us”

The Making of Us

So! You might have heard that my debut novel Little White Lies has been newed and improved and released as The Best Thing I Never Had by Harper Collins’ award-winning romance imprint Harper Impulse – I have been banging on about it rather!

Right now The Best Thing I Never Had is a frankly bargainous 99p on Amazon. But maybe you’re not convinced and you like to ‘try before you buy’. Or, maybe, you’ve already read and enjoyed Little White Lies/The Best Thing I Never Had and you want more, more, more! Either way, I have the answer for you!

On December 12th 2013 Harper Impulse releases The Making of Us, an absolutely FREE sampler ebook which includes character biographies for all seven of the main characters and – most importantly – five bonus scenes! All the scenes are independent, stand-alone and spoiler free ‘short stories’ featuring the cast of The Best Thing I Never Had in the 2006/7 timeline, meaning that you can enjoy them whether or not you’ve read the book.

So, if you want to learn about the time Leigha ruined Christmas, Adam bought a plunger, Hallowe’en was fraught with thievery, Facebook became “a thing” and Johnny streaked up and down the high street click here (or Google for alternative vendors) to get The Making of Us sent straight to your Kindle, ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

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