Recap: November 2013

I do like November. Pretty leaf-fall, frosty nights, fireworks and bonfires and – once that’s all over, the guilt-free lead up to Christmas! My tree and decorations are going up today, Sunday 1st December. My best friend is getting married next weekend and I’m super, super excited!! I’m still concentrating a lot on writing – as well as the The Best Thing I Never Had release blog tour (next week!) so only a couple of blog posts this month. Hopefully there’ll still be something for you to find interesting!


What If…? Lady Jane Grey had kept the throne: #4 in my series on revisionist history.
A-Z Book Survey
A sterling shield: The 2008 sterling coins reissue.
A Hanoverian menage-a-trois: Prince George and his unsuitable almost-wife.
“The best thing” you’ll read this evening: Read the prologue and first chapter of my upcoming novel release for free!


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