TEN… of the best Disney swag on Etsy

Charming Charms UK have an assortment of costume jewellery, including the ‘Belle’ ring pictured, which I simply HAD to treat myself to.

Wincosplay has this absolutely epic Meridia wig, which I wish I had the balls to buy and wear on a daily basis.

PrettyMagicalGirl has a selection of gorgeous shoes appliqued with images of Disney Princesses – but I have to admit I have a penchant for the villains one with the studded back!

I think my next pay-day treat will be this cute ‘Up’ inspired necklace from Mint Marbles.

If I had an iPhone rather than a HTC I would be all over this gorgeous ‘Beauty and the Beast’ phone case from TheQueenOfCases. There are loads of different designs and device options – might have to get one for my iPad Mini!

Delicate and subtle, I love this Cinderella’s ‘pumpkin carriage’ pendant necklace from AOSDESIGN.

I think twist rings are really cool, and nothing is quite cooler than this ‘Hakuna Matata’ one from Giftforbestfriends – no worries!

I love the rustic feel of this ‘Pocahontas’ quote necklace from RCcreations.

If I had the sort of hair that agreed with hair accessories, I’d snap up this ‘Mulan’ inspired comb from OnceUponAShop.

Vampirebunnies may be responsible for me dipping in to my wedding fund to buy this absolutely amazing dress… if only I had somewhere to wear it…


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