Recap: September 2013

As August slipped over into September, I was getting engaged!! Needless to say, I spent most of the month on Pinterest looking at huge wedding cakes, and even huger wedding dresses. Oh, yes, I was also rather busy readying Little White Lies for formal publication! So another unfortunately quiet month here on the blog, but there are still a few little gems of interest none the less! Here’s the recap!

Lizzie Woodville has got everybody Googling: As The White Queen finishes airing in the UK and starts in America, I am getting some very strange searches result in my site, so I thought I’d throw together a handy FAQ.
“The curse of the nation”: Lady Castlemaine, the beautiful bitch: A tongue-in-check biog of Charles’ II most imperious, notorious mistress.
“Tiny scrap of humanity”: The love match of Richard II: A short post on the marriage of Richard II and his first wife, Anne of Bohemia.
Eormenburg: #36 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series.


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