Recap: August 2013

A quiet blogging month, August, as I spent half of it on holiday and a good portion of the rest settling into a new job! I started a new mini-series on historical sights of Cornwall, and also started to blog about lit- or history-nerd items I’d recently bought myself! Long live Etsy!! Check out the list of August blog posts, below, in case you missed out!

Edith Swanneck: #34 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series.
Sophia Dorothea of Celle: #35 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series.
My feelings for this cute tee-shirt will not be repressed: A moment to fangirl about my new Mr Darcy tee-shirt; check out the designer on Etsy!
The Haunting of the Headland Hotel: A brief post on the eerie history of this impressive Victorian hotel [Sights of Cornwall mini-series].
Lanhydrock House: Seat of the Robartes family [Sights of Cornwall mini-series].
I will persevere: An update on the publication of Perseverance.
TEN… opening lines from favourite books.


Southwark Carers decided to read Little White Lies as their September bookclub read. I’m honoured!

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