I will persevere

Here’s a picture of my handmade polymer clay “chibi” Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn; I bought them to sit serenely on my desk, inspiring me as I finish Perseverance, my novella that traces their ‘love story’.

I think Chibi Henry and Anne will perhaps get a little impatient with me, as a change in professional circumstances has necessitated a ‘reshuffle’ to my planned output. Perseverance is having to go ‘on ice’ while I turn my attention to the reworking of Little White Lies and the first draft of my contemporary romcom Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Hugest apologies to anyone who has been waiting on Perseverance – I have in recent months actually received quite a few emails asking for the anticipated publication date, so there must be one or two of you out there! – it’s definitely not going anywhere and will be released possibly (fingers crossed) late 2014.

In the meantime, don’t you go anywhere!


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