Recap: July 2013

In July I lost my status as a snooty, unfriendly Londoner – at least geographically speaking. I moved house across the country in the blazing, extremely un-English heat and now I am a lady of leisure, trying my best to get as much of Perseverance finished before financial necessity means I have to get a ‘real job’.
Here’s your usual month-end recap; did you miss anything interesting?



What If..? the Monmouth Rebellion had succeeded: Post #03 in a new series about revisionist British history.
St Margaret of Scotland: #31 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series, the Saxon Princess who brought continental subtleties to the 11th Century Scots.
Little White Lies Promotional Weekend!: Little White Lies was free for my birthday weekend – thanks to everyone who spread the word and snagged a copy!
I’ve been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog: Read my account of my friend’s online dating dilemma and let us have your advice!
“I like her not!” The dumping of Anne of Cleves: A ‘Today in History’ tidbit debunking some of the myths about Henry VIII’s annulment from ‘the Flanders Mare’.
Eleanor Cobham: #32 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series, the nobody who became a Duchess convicted for witchcraft.
The naked truth: Lady Godiva: A ‘Today in History’ tidbit exploring the history, mythology and legend of that famous naked equestrian.
The Piccadilly Line to Camelot: There are some who believe the ruins of King Arthur’s Camelot lie in North London…
30 Question Book Challenge: Part One
30 Question Book Challenge: Part Two
30 Question Book Challenge: Part Three
Snuff & Nonsense: The weird funeral of Margaret Thomson.
Mary Grey: #33 in the Hidden Historical Heroines series, the unfortunate, stunted sister to Jane Grey, the “Nine Days Queen”.
“There is written, her fair neck round about”: The legend of Anne Boleyn’s initial necklaces.


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