From the Lady in the Tower: 6th May 1536

Today in History: 6th May 1536 On this day in 1536, tradition holds that Anne Boleyn wrote her husband a desperate letter. In a state of limbo – her trial was not to be held until May 15th – perhaps she thought that she could still stop the tide, secure her daughter’s legitimacy, her brother’s […]

Love letter to Founders

The day still had some heat in it, as it wasn’t quite five o’clock yet. Harriet sought out a patch of particularly plush looking grass and sat gracefully, smoothing her dress out carefully and folding her legs beneath her, a far cry from when she used to throw down book bags and collapse anywhere there […]

Shakespeare and his two wives

It’s an intriguing prospect. Was Will Shakespeare – whose fame to facts known ratio must be one of the most off-skew – a secret bigamist? In November 1582, William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, a woman from Shottery, a small village just outside of Shakespeare’s native Stratford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare was a strapping eighteen year old; Anne Hathaway […]

Recap: April 2013

From murder mysteries to erasing the Norman Conquest out of history, quite a lot went on round here last month! Here’s a handy recap in case you missed anything you might find interesting..! The Brixton Water Lane murder: Unsolved Victorian Murder Mystery. The White Queen: The real story of Elizabeth Woodville. Little White Lies International […]