A good read and a good deed

Do you have £1.53 and the facility to read a Kindle book? Of course you do, you can use an app for your smartphone or on your PC….

Then please buy this: Fuck You, Cancer by Kyle Wilkins.

All proceeds go to Cancer Research.

Fuck You, Cancer is the result of Kyle’s brother (who I went to primary school with) being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Summer 2012. Kyle set up a funny and irreverent blog to raise awareness and keep people who care informed. Although my interaction with the brother in question has been limited to Facebook for the past fifteen years, I followed and promoted the blog like a mad thing. Kyle is a great comedic writer (you should also check out his book of autobiographical short stories, Death on the Stairsand his humour shines through even through the frame of what is of course an extremely serious and personal true-life drama.

Do yourself and those fighting against cancer a favour for less than the price of your morning coffee.


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