Little White Lies: International Giveaway!

Little White Lies

Look at all those happy chaps with their paperback copies of LITTLE WHITE LIES, a ★★★★★ read (and it’s not just me saying that!). Don’t you want to be one of them??

The UK-only Goodreads giveaway has just ended (congrats winner!) and a paperback complete with author signature (value of paperback, £8.99/$11.99; value of my squiggles, PRICELESS) has been duly posted.

Whilst the UK-only giveaway was running I did get a few grumbles on Twitter from Americans who wanted the chance to get a signed paperback. Well, here’s your chance! This giveaway is for a chance to win one of TWO signed paperbacks, plus any bookswag I have hanging around by the time it’s over. This time it’s COMPLETELY international!! All you need is a Goodreads account and you can enter by clicking here.

★The giveaway is running until May 31st 2013

GOOD LUCK! And don’t forget to add LITTLE WHITE LIES to your Goodreads shelf (500 adds for another “extra scene” – we’re not far off that as I type!) and spread the word about the giveaway!!


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