Little White Lies: Miles



She’d pulled back her hair to air her neck, just for one second, fanning her flushed cheeks by flapping her other hand. She’d smiled at him and pulled a face at how hot and stuffy the bar was. Miles had thought she was beautiful, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and if you’d told him, in that minute, that he’d be in this beautiful creature’s bed tonight, or that in seven years’ time he’d be waiting for her at the top of the aisle, he could never have believed you.


V I T A L S T A T S______________

MILES HEALY || studies HISTORY (MA) || starsign VIRGO

Miles’ attention is usually focused on 600 years ago. That’s why Nicky was such a breath of fresh air – she caught his attention, and she held it. She’s always there waiting when his mind returns from wandering some medieval castle fortifications. Nicky and his work are the only things that really mean anything to him.


T H E N______________________

Miles is staying on to do the obligatory Masters before his planned PhD. All his mates have graduated and moved on, so it’s only natural that he gets a little more involved with Nicky’s friends now. His plans to outright live with them are scuppered when the landlord objects and he’s forced into one of the only rooms in the student village still to let. It’s not all bad; he meets Adam and Johnny, and it’s nice to have mates around again.

But this year was only ever meant to be a stopgap. His PhD grant from the University of Bath will be appearing in his account any day now, and he’ll have to start room-hunting near there. But Nicky’s big dream was to do a year abroad, so he guesses they’ll have to do long distance for a while, and let whatever will be, be…


N O W______________________

Miles feels oddly empty, now his thesis is complete and he has truly earned the right to sign himself off as ‘Dr. Healy’, use a multitude of letters after his name. He’s been embroiled in study for so long, it’s almost like a relationship is ending.

So it’s only natural to turn to the other half of his life, put her first now – sweet Nicky, who put away her passport and phrase books and grew up for him, came to live in a damp bedsit and sit behind a desk all day.

A proposal of marriage is the least he can do, the obvious way to show her how much he appreciates her. She’s certainly given enough hints over the years that it’s what she’s expecting. So why, at this late stage, does Nicky seem so sad, so distant..?



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