Little White Lies: Nicky

“When we live in France,” she said, eyes closed, “we’ll drink red wine with every meal. You can get a really great bottle of Merlot for just a couple of Euro. La bonne vie!”

V I T A L S T A T S______________



Everyone knows a Nicky. She’s the mother of the group, the lynch-pin of the household, the person who will be at your bedroom door with two cups of tea before you even realised that you wanted one.


T H E N______________________

Nicky can never quite believe her luck, sometimes. She went from being rather a nobody in school, to being friends with – and housemate of! – one of THOSE girls, you know – those girls, the ones that make you better by association. Leigha’s like a godsend, opening up doors Nicky barely knew existed.

Suddenly Nicky’s right in the middle of a swirling social group, loved up with an (older! hunky!) boyfriend – maybe, just maybe, now she’s one of those girls, too?

Nicky adores her friends – for themselves, and for what they represent to her. So when that friendship group splits in two, she finds her loyalties pulled the same way. To make matters worse, she has her own problem. It’s a real, traditional, head or heart conundrum. She loves Miles, so strongly it still sometimes surprises her, but will their relationship survive a year apart if she goes to study in France whilst he remains in England to do his PhD?

And if she stays to be with him, will she always resent it..?

N O W______________________

So after seven years of monogamous bliss, Miles is finally putting a ring on it. Funny how it’s always these life-changing moments that make you realise that said life is so small; small flat; small job; small social life. Her love for Miles is the only strong thing left about her.

She never sees the other girls any more, never really sees anyone else but Miles, so the wedding will take on extra resonance – it’s going to be a homecoming, a reunion.

Nicky’s never been so happy as she was at university, surrounded by her friends, so that’s all she wants for her wedding day. The wedding and reception will take place on the campus, and her wedding party will consist of said friends, even if most of them can’t bear the thought of one another, nowadays.

So Nicky throws herself into the wedding preparation – she’s only got a couple of months – steadfastly ignoring the niggling voice in the back of her head, her twenty year old self, asking her why she’s marrying a man who’s caused her to become so very much less than she was when she met him…


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