Little White Lies: Adam


“Yeah right,” Adam teased back. “We both know you’re going to end up writing my dissertation for me.” He popped the twist of a chip into his mouth and gave one of what he thought was his most winning smiles, the kind that always made Harriet smile back; she did.


V I T A L S T A T S______________

ADAM CHADWICK || studies ENGLISH || starsign GEMINI

Adam is a coaster. Not the sort you put your drink on, naturally (although he’d find that rather groansome pun quite funny), rather, someone who coasts through life. He gets friends, girlfriends and passable grades with little to no effort and – if he’s completely honest – is rather proud of this passivity.

T H E N______________________

Adam has the convenience of a long-distance girlfriend, meaning that he gets to enjoy all the perks and none of the work of boyfriendhood. Sure, he feels guilty when he thinks of Lauren waiting patiently for him back in their hometown whilst he pulls random girls in the Student Union, but not quite enough to stop doing so.

And there always is a “girl in the Student Union”.  Adam’s grey eyes and lazy smiles seem to be rather a chick magnet.  So that’s why it’s not surprising when Leigha – a friend of his new housemate – starts to show an interest in him. She has tricks with her eyes and her smiles all of her own; perhaps the two are a perfect match?

But in realising that Leigha is just as transient as all of the others, Adam grows to realise that there’s somebody in his life who isn’t; someone who’s proving pervasive, getting under his skin, up beneath his rib cage and squeezing his heart like she owns it.

Too bad she’s Leigha’s best friend…

N O W______________________

If he stopped to really think about it, Adam would be annoyed that he’s such a cliché. He has a distinctly ordinary job in insurance and owns far too many ties. His social life is a ‘Generation Game’ style conveyer belt of slight, dark-eyed brunettes – he’s well aware that they all look like her, that’s the point; his record is eight dates.

But Adam doesn’t like to ‘stop and think’, but knowing that he’s soon to see Harriet again is causing him to do just that; Harriet isn’t so much as the ‘one that got away’ as ‘the one that ran away’. From him. Him! Adam Chadwick!

So, whilst the wedding date moves closer and closer, he’ll continue to date and dump his pseudo-Harrys and glare at the tiny box of profile picture that is all he can access of Harriet Shaw’s locked Facebook page. He hopes he’s not sat too near her at the wedding. He hopes she’s gotten fat and ugly since he last saw her. He hopes she doesn’t look at him the way she used to.

Most of all, he hopes that seeing her again won’t negate whatever mending his heart has managed over the past five years…



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