TEN… things I did in July


1. I turned 26 and had a very nice cake with my name on it and novelty candles that couldn’t be blown out. I know that sounds more like turning 6, but whatever.

2. I worked on my novel. A lot. I used to be able to read through it to check for edits in just an evening. Now it takes me days and days. Progress!

3. My other half took me to Edinburgh as a birthday present. It rained. So much. But it was also gorgeous, and I got to drink leaf-brewed tea and stare out of the window of the cafe where J. K. Rowling wrote most of the first Harry Potter. The toilets are coated in Potter-related graffiti from visitors around the world and I believe they should be listed and given national monument-style protection.

4. I’ve been playing the rather excellent J-RPG Xenoblade: Chronicles. Obsessively. The sheer amount of collecting and questing…! I’m in quasi-OCD heaven. It’s Reyn time!

5. As I think has been noted by the entire globe, London isn’t having a particularly pleasant summer. However, late July had a few corking days which I celebrated by wearing bright colours and being a bare-legged strumpet. The other half and I attempted a picnic dinner one evening, unfortunately the shade caught up with us before we could finish eating and we scurried back to our flat!

6. I made the mistake of glancing into the shop window of Oasis –  a shop I certainly have no business with until my salary doubles, at least – and falling in instantaneous clothes lust with pretty much EVERYTHING IN IT. Oasis are running a Limited Edition set of prints called London Love Letters, “celebrating London landmarks in all their glory”..! I began to consider denying myself lunch for the next two months to help save up for one to wear to my book launch in September. In desperation I entered a competition to win the whole collection. I started to panic they’d all sell out, what with the Olympics buzz, and contemplated writing a pleading letter to see if I could blag one for free. And then – wonder of wonders! – I got an email saying that I’d come runner-up in that competition, and I could have a piece of my choice. So come September 12th, I will be wearing the gorgeous London City Scape shift dress and looking amazingly fabulous – without having to have sold eggs or a kidney. Most excellent.

7.  I spent an entire Sunday with my marketeer, Hannah, Director of Not Just A Face Media Ltd, where we ate a lot of Ritz Crackers and arranged the coming launch night for The Last Train Home & Other Stories, my collection of short and flash fiction.

8. I spent a lot of money having my hair brightened. Having my hair in all that foil made me feel like I was underwater and the smell made me feel dizzy. Worst part? I look absolutely no different. Fail.

9. I have valiantly attempted to ignore everything to do with the Olympics. I have little-to-no interest in sport every other summer of my life, why should I suddenly pretend I do now? At least living and working in London – which I do – isn’t nearly as bad as everyone was fearing! I did however watch the Opening Ceremony with my father and my siblings and was much more excited and effected than I thought I’d be! Danny Boyle made us proud.

10. I worked on my novel some more. I am growing more and more obsessed with my word count and am probably driving my Facebook friends and Twitter followers mad with constant updates. I am also quite into graphs and charts and spreadsheets – I’ve got documents showing exactly what day of what year each chapter happens on (just in case I’m asked??) and have gone so far as to look up past weather and train times for things happening five years ago. I’m basically a total loser for my own work, and it’s only going to get worse…


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